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Atheist-Friendly Prayer

I am annoyed that B’s family assumes everyone is or should be a Christian. I’m annoyed that I will spend the rest of my life at their family holidays bowing in prayer to their god while my own deities are looked down upon as myths, figments of imagination, or the devices of something evil.

Yet, when I imagine myself saying a prayer at such an occassion (something that will never happen, but I daydream about it with glee as I imagine them squirming in discomfort and awkwardness for a change), I think of B, my boyfriend, who is an atheist. What prayer could be said that does not explicitly exclude his Christian family, yet does not exclude him either? I find it in some ways easier to identify with the religious and spiritual beliefs of others because I am a spiritual person, and while many wars great and small have been fought over competing religious beliefs, I think there is great potential for common ground to all but the most pig-headed. However, it is a struggle to figure out what ways I can bring spirituality into my future family without trodding upon B’s atheism.

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