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Cauldron of Transformation

Do you feel comfortable with your current spiritual path? Would you like to explore other traditions, but hesitate to leave your own behind? Look here for some fascinating ideas about incorporating many systems into a single, cohesive belief system custom-designed to suit your unique needs. Major systems featured include Celtic Druidism, Christianity, Santeria, Buddhism, and Shamanism. Locations discussed include Africa, Asia, Egypt, and Europe. Whatever your present beliefs, you will find some things familiar and others new and exciting.

I think a better subtitle for this book would have been “A New Vision of Paganism” because there are few specifically Wiccan elements here. I see a more general Pagan influence, but I still feel that the sort of “Co-Creation Spirituality” taught by the Our Lady of Enchantment church has much to offer those who seek an Eclectic path. The author is right in pointing out that many Pagans dislike Christian symbolism and motifs; thus those who do appreciate some elements of Christianity often prefer to form their own groups. A discussion of these and similar issues forms the introduction of this book.

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