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Wicca Theory for Dummies

The Wiccan view of an interconnected world isn’t just a mystical, spiritual notion. Modern science, especially cutting-edge ideas in quantum physics, supports the ideas of life’s interconnection and interdependence. The following are some of the leading theories that blend perfectly with Wiccan belief.

Going quantum: Matter versus energy
People see the physical world as a bunch of independent and stable objects, but that’s not exactly the truth. Modern science reveals that matter and energy are not separate. Energy flows in waves that form patterns. What you see as a separate object (a dog, a bird, or a tree) is really just a pocket of reality where the energy is more dense, according to quantum physics.

Quantum physics
Physical matter is made up of molecules and atoms, which are made up of smaller components, called subatomic particles. In quantum physics, particles of matter and waves of energy are the same thing. A subatomic particle isn’t a little dot of matter that scientists can hold still and examine; it’s more like a little dancing point of energy. These particles can’t be understood as separate units. Scientists can describe subatomic particles only by talking about how they act with one another. The only way to meaningfully describe these particles is to explain the way that they interconnect. Quantum physics clearly demonstrates the Wiccan belief that all reality is an integrated web of energy. Even at the subatomic level, life is interconnected.

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