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The Pagan Baby Name Dilemma

by Patti Wigington

For starters, Oak and Willow aren’t too bad. I think nature names are borderline… they’re unusual enough that people say, “Wow, what an unusual name!” but not so weird that no one knows what it means or thinks you’re a freak for giving it to your child. Besides, there are more people using nature names nowadays — I personally know children named Sage, Phoenix, Wynter and Skye, and they’re all perfectly well-adjusted kids.

That having been said, there’s also the dilemma of just going overboard. If your child’s name sounds like he should be living in the Shire and cavorting with elves, then you may want to reconsider. Besides, what exactly is a Pagan baby name? There’s no big list to choose from, and “Pagan” encompasses a lot of different cultures. What you may want to do is look into your own family’s heritage, and select something that reflects your ancestry and cultural background.

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