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Living the Odhinnic Life

I was recently in a discussion regarding the notion of “relationship to deity” as we Heathens understand it. It’s nothing like the mainstream Christian notion of “relationship to God”- though many people who would be Heathen, and who have had the Christian model of relationship demonstrated to them all their life- expect that we will approach our Gods in the same familiar and intimate terms.

We don’t. I’ve discussed it before, in many places, but it never really gets old: the Gods are busy running the universe and keeping the Worlds safe from being destroyed by wicked, destructive powers. This is not to say that they don’t sometimes give visions or guidance to individual human beings, but it’s far from a common occurrence. The Gods don’t micromanage our lives, nor do they give out their “personal cell numbers” to just anyone who decides that they’ll worship them. The Gods- led by Allfather- have given mankind many great and powerful assets, including the Godly spirit within each man and woman, and their ceaselessly effective wisdom, as embodied in texts like “Havamal” and other writings in the lore of the past.

The Gods give us the capability to be wise, brave, clever, resourceful, and enduring. Their spirit in us tends towards these things. They give us copious advice through the ancestral lore. They inspire us with their very presence, which can sometimes be experienced in moments of sacred might. They upheld the ancestors who knew them, and they uphold us now, even if most human beings won’t give them the time of day anymore.

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