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The Glaive

Of all the ritual implements within the modern Neo-Pagan revival, none is more famous or universally valued than the ceremonial knife, known widely within the Craft as an athame, though in the Ordo Arcanorum Gradalis, it is called the glaive.

There is a threefold nature to the glaive which underlies its immense significance. It is a tool, a weapon, and the symbol of a most potent reality. As a handmade tool, it is a reminder of that which was one of the first evidences of human distinctiveness from the other species: the ability through developed application of intelligence to be toolmakers–something that distinguishes us from all other primates in the Earth’s chain of evolutionary development. It speaks to us of our unique abilities as humans to create , and the responsibility we have as a species to use our creative inventions in a way which is in harmony with the rest of the living environment. When we use our glaives, we most often utilize them for the creation of sacred space; the actual carving out of psychic boundaries and barriers. The glaive as a tool is a symbol and a visible vehicle for our capacity to create our own spiritual environment.

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