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The Transparent Tarot

The Transparent Tarot is unlike any Tarot method you have used before! A must have for both readers and collectors, this highly innovative deck consists of simple yet striking images displayed on clear plastic, which are designed to be read in layers. This method creates a new dimension to Tarot, revealing combinations of images that . . . → Read More: The Transparent Tarot

Wicca Theory for Dummies

The Wiccan view of an interconnected world isn’t just a mystical, spiritual notion. Modern science, especially cutting-edge ideas in quantum physics, supports the ideas of life’s interconnection and interdependence. The following are some of the leading theories that blend perfectly with Wiccan belief.

Going quantum: Matter versus energy People see the physical world as a . . . → Read More: Wicca Theory for Dummies

Authenticity and the modern neopagan

The irony of arguments amongst reconstructionist pagans that come down to whether someone’s authentic or not has been driven home to me lately. I’m not talking about the perfectly valid attempts to get people to stop claiming a tradition they’ve only practiced for ten weeks is the way the ancestors did it when we have . . . → Read More: Authenticity and the modern neopagan

The Pagan Baby Name Dilemma

by Patti Wigington

For starters, Oak and Willow aren’t too bad. I think nature names are borderline… they’re unusual enough that people say, “Wow, what an unusual name!” but not so weird that no one knows what it means or thinks you’re a freak for giving it to your child. Besides, there are more people . . . → Read More: The Pagan Baby Name Dilemma

Living the Odhinnic Life

I was recently in a discussion regarding the notion of “relationship to deity” as we Heathens understand it. It’s nothing like the mainstream Christian notion of “relationship to God”- though many people who would be Heathen, and who have had the Christian model of relationship demonstrated to them all their life- expect that we will . . . → Read More: Living the Odhinnic Life

Challenging the Order?

by Jason Pitzl-Waters interviews gay Catholic author Richard Rodriguez about gay marriage, the “Desert religions”, and the power of women in religious life. What is striking about the piece, from my perspective, is how close he gets to endorsing a shift away from monotheism (or at least male-oriented monotheism) while discussing religion. While Rodriquez . . . → Read More: Challenging the Order?

The Elements and Spirit as an Emergent Quality

This is one of the most misunderstood and controversial subjects in magick. Outsiders are prone to thinking magi foolish for clinging to a belief in four elements when there’s this thing called the “periodic table” that lists well over a hundred. Insiders are prone to trying to make the Classical Elements “fit” modern science by . . . → Read More: The Elements and Spirit as an Emergent Quality

Don’t Do Voodoo This Christmas

By Sinead Fagan

Shopping in Dunnes Stores recently, I was very impressed by the gorgeous range of items they have in stock for the season; cuddly snowmen, oversized stockings, golden wreaths, and, of course, let’s not forget that old festive favourite: voodoo dolls.

Yes, there on the shelf, as part of the novelty gift range . . . → Read More: Don’t Do Voodoo This Christmas

Anti-terror law requires God be acknowledged

Under state law, God is Kentucky’s first line of defense against terrorism.

The 2006 law organizing the state Office of Homeland Security lists its initial duty as “stressing the dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth.”

Specifically, Homeland Security is ordered to publicize God’s benevolent protection in its reports, . . . → Read More: Anti-terror law requires God be acknowledged

Oglala Sioux sue Episcopal Diocese over reservation land

Members of 11 Episcopal churches on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation have filed lawsuits in Oglala Sioux tribal court asking that the Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota be prevented from closing their churches and from deconsecrating buildings and cemeteries in the process.

On Monday, the executive committee of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council also unanimously approved . . . → Read More: Oglala Sioux sue Episcopal Diocese over reservation land