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Hosting a Pagan Seder

A Seder, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, is a Hebrew traditional custom honoring the plight of the Jews under Egyptian oppression. It includes prayer and recitation, and a Seder Plate is displayed with roast lamb shank, bitter herb, charoset, and other items representing the hardships the Jews endured. The word ‘Seder’ means ‘order’, and a traditional Passover Seder follows a specific order of service.*

I recently created a wholly pagan Seder, which was loosely based on the traditional Hebrew service, but I took the basic idea and rebuilt it with a pagan theme. While most Sabbats and Esbats honor the gods, the seasons or lunar cycles, I wanted our Pagan Seder to honor the history and heritage of the pagan peoples. Our Seder was divided into five sections, or Services, each with a recitation and appropriate music. I’d written out the readings beforehand, and selected participants read each of the five recitations. A dish specific to the theme followed each recitation.

Here are the texts and details of the five Services. You may of course modify the menu, music and text as you see fit. The musical selections used were simply ones I felt appropriate.

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