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You Mean There Isn’t A Satanic Voodoo-Santeria Pagan Cult?

A few days ago I mentioned a story that I had some major problems with. It concerned a woman, Michelle Rene Wood, who was badly beaten and rushed to the hospital.

“Michelle Rene Wood, 42, of Palm Coast was found covered in blood with both eyes swollen shut early Monday, according to a St. Johns County sheriff’s report. A rope was tied around her right wrist and a bungee cord around her left ankle, the report states.”

Wood claimed that her injuries were from members of a “Santeria Voodoo” cult she had been affiliated with. This alleged cult, who she claims robbed and beat her, participated in Satanic rites and needed her for an important Autumn Equinox ritual.

“[Wood] said Sunday’s abduction and beating were not the first she had suffered in recent days as a result of her leaving the group last year to become a Christian … She was later taken to another home, believed to be in Flagler Estates, where her captors took drugs and performed a devil-worship ritual … Wood also told investigators the men and a petite blonde woman named “Sky” took her to an open field near a home where a bonfire was burning. They were “preparing” for the autumnal equinox, she said. “They needed me to help call the spirits,” Wood told investigators…”

A cult that mixes Santeria, Voodoo, Satanism, Paganism, drug-using, and guns? I’ve heard of syncretism, but this is ridiculous. Apparently the local police think so too, since they have closed the case.

Read the original article at: The Wild Hunt

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