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Home Fabric Dyes Mentioned in Confederate Newspapers

TENNESSEE BAPTIST, December 21, 1861, p. 4, c. 2
To Dye Wool Blue.—Take six pounds of wool, wash all the grease out, put it in a kettle, cover with water, add half a pound of alum dissolved in water, boil two hours, wring out and dry. Have another kettle, put in three bushels of parseline, (the common field pursley,) cover with water, cook until the stems are quite soft, strain through a basket, put the liquid back in the kettle, add one ounce of the extract of logwood and one ounce of sulphate capri (blue stone,) both previously dissolved, put the wool in, boil two hours, wring out and dry, and then wash the loose dye out. Spun wool can as easily be dyed in the hanks. If the dye does not stick after the first washing, too much logwood has been put in. For twenty years, Mrs. M. has used this dye, and finds it useful in servants clothing and mixed cloth and socks.

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