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No Standardization Without Representation

by Roninwolf

Paganism needs standardization like I need more than five holes in my head!

I would like, in my own humble universe, to ask (and perhaps answer) several questions that have consistently reared their heads in the arenas of debate among the pagan community. If, at the end of this essay, you feel the need to yell at me please feel free to do so. I assure you, I yell at myself on a regular basis.

Who will write the standards for paganism? Who among the community of equals is more equal enough to set the tone for the rest of the community? Who among the seekers of balance between light and dark are purist enough to set policy for all of us? Even if love, trust, respect and sense of community are the tenets of this call for standardization, no standard can be good if it violates a community’s right to self-determination. Everyone must have the right to act like a blithering idiot or a complete a******. It is their right, so long as it harms none, to do as they will. I do not believe the deities are all-knowing. I do not believe that even the Gods and Goddesses know what it is to be Pagan.

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