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Carla Mendez Found Guilty in Witchcraft Murder Trial

by Christine Pelisek

A downtown Los Angeles jury found 22-year-old Carla Mendez guilty of second-degree murder yesterday. Mendez was accused of killing a local snow-cone vendor who allegedly put an evil spell on her female lover Maria Gomez. Gomez was found guilty of first-degree murder in August of 2007.

According to the prosecution’s key witness, Sogui Godinez, Gomez concocted a sinister plan to kill the Mexican immigrant after consulting a bruja — a Mexican witch doctor operating out of a botanica within the city’s sprawling immigrant community. Gomez decided Castro had cast a spell on her as punishment for spurning his advances. Swept up in her eerie beliefs, Gomez decided her only escape was to murder Castro. Gomez ultimately tricked Castro into drinking paint thinner and nail-polish remover, then joined Mendez in bashing his head in with rocks. The entire tragedy, according to court papers, was driven by Gomez’ belief in love spells and witchcraft, practiced underground in many poor Latino neighborhoods.

Read the original article at: Los Angeles Weekly

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