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On Patron Deities

by Lynna Landstreet

The concept of patron deities is not unique to the Odyssian tradition, but neither is it universal to Wicca. Essentially, it is a statement of what aspect of divinity an individual relates most closely to, and has far-reaching implications for one’s spiritual practice and day to day life. It is not a . . . → Read More: On Patron Deities

Manitoba women picking blueberries say they saw sasquatch

GRASSY NARROWS, Man. — Maybe he just wanted to help, but two women on their way to pick blueberries in northern Manitoba say all he did was scare the living daylights out of them. Helen Pahpasay and her mother were driving to a spot about 25 kilometres north of Grassy Narrows last week when . . . → Read More: Manitoba women picking blueberries say they saw sasquatch

Bicycle Commuting and the No-Car Life

by Laura E. Kreger

After just two years in the Pacific Northwest, I found myself making New Year’s Resolution 2007: Sell car, buy bicycle. When I made the announcement, my parents worried that Portland hippies were ruining their daughter, but still didn’t believe I would take the plunge. Even my roommate, who supported the . . . → Read More: Bicycle Commuting and the No-Car Life

Magical library may vanish

A remarkable collection of rare and ancient volumes on the arts of magic and summoning ghosts could be broken up and sold off due to a funding crisis.

The Harry Price Library of Magical Literature, based at the University of London, is the UK’s largest of its kind and contains letters between Price and the . . . → Read More: Magical library may vanish

Dangerous Women

Reviewed by Ron Charles

THE LACE READER by Brunonia Barry

A crazy narrator, her clairvoyant aunt and their bewitching tale. Brunonia Barry’s first novel is a compendium of women’s issues stitched into a murder mystery in modern-day Salem, Mass. Originally self-published, The Lace Reader later became the subject of a multi-million-dollar bidding war among . . . → Read More: Dangerous Women

Unitarian-Universalist Church Shooting

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

On Sunday morning Jim Adkisson, who defined himself to neighbors as a “Confederate” and a “believer in the old South”, walked into the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church and opened fire with a shotgun. Nine people were inured by gunfire, two have died. As a member of the extended UU family, I . . . → Read More: Unitarian-Universalist Church Shooting

Shooting in Unitarian Universalist Church

A gunman opened fire at a church youth performance, killing two people, including a man who witnesses called a hero for shielding others from a shotgun blast. Seven adults were also injured but no children were harmed on Sunday at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. Church members said they dove under pews or ran . . . → Read More: Shooting in Unitarian Universalist Church

Herbal Craft

By Achriel Running a website for a community is never a profitable venture, most often it’s a labour of love with endless hours and a drain on the pocket. Since I own/run I can attest to just how much time, energy and resources a large site can consume over the years. To that end . . . → Read More: Herbal Craft

Wiccan group protests to protect a tree

By Rachel Gallaher

A Wiccan High Priestess has now taken up the defense of a magnolia tree that is at the center of a proposed development in Asheville. The fate of a condominium project may now rest with the Buncombe County commissioners. The project has been controversial since its inception and is now the . . . → Read More: Wiccan group protests to protect a tree


Sleipnir (Norse, “gliding one”) is the legendary eight-legged horse belonging to Odin, the Father-God of the Norse pantheon. Sleipnir carries Odin between the world of the Gods and the world of matter. The eight legs symbolize the directions of the compass, and Sleipnir’s ability to travel through land and air. The eight legs of . . . → Read More: Sleipnir