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What Is a “Sin Eater?”

In ancient Celtic lore, a sin eater was a shamanic healer. As a sin eater, his or her duty was to remove the spirit of illness-the “sin”-from a member of the community, as well as to make the gods available to both the living and the dead. This was done through the process of transformation and transmutation, changing the physical world through alchemical actions while bringing peace and balance to the soul of the afflicted.

It has been believed that the healing practice of sin eating died out half a century or more ago. But that’s just not true. It survives, and it’s currently practiced by well-known psychologist, healer, author, and teacher Ross Heaven. Shamanism has existed all over the world, but little has been recorded about shamanism in England that has survived into contemporary times. This book provides a fascinating glimpse into what the practices were—and are. It shows you how you can put them to use today improving your life and the lives of those around you. It is a completely unique look at the Pagan healing system of the Celts and will fascinate those who approach this from a historical perspective or, like Ross himself, wish to incorporate the wisdom and techniques into their lives.

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