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From Christianity to Paganism

by mahud

This is an interview with my girlfriend Shannon. It is basically a response to a conversation we both had with Shanny’s mum, after I revealed to her that I was no longer a Christian, but a Pagan. She wasn’t super happy about it as she and most of Shan’s family are Christians, but what really bothered me was that after my shocking revelation, she turned to Shanny and asked if she was no longer Christian, to which she replied, rather hesitantly, “no”, and her mum’s response was that the only reason why she had “fallen away” was because of my influence (as if Shan has no mind of her own!!). This goes back to Shannon’s previous marriage to a stage magician, an activity frowned upon by her Church as Satanic. So in her Mum’s mind it is a case of history repeating itself. I love Shan’s mum. She’s a wonderful lady, but unfortunately her beliefs (along with other members of her church and possibly family) are not very accommodating towards other systems of religious expression. Anyway, here’s part one of the interview…

Read the original article at: Between Old and New Moons

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