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Starnymph and Songsmith

By Paul Derrick

It’s time for another telling of the magical story of Starnymph and Songsmith. Many eons ago Songsmith, who lived among the animals of the forest, made beautiful songs each day and set them adrift. One night as he was singing under the starry sky, a blindingly bright falling star appeared. When his sight returned, he saw beside him the lovely Starnymph.

She spoke: “For ages I’ve heard your songs and wanted to come to you, but Starmother said it would be dangerous. She said each day our love for each other would deepen. But since you are a mortal human and will die long before I will, my pain of losing you might be more than my heart can stand.”

I said to Starmother, “I’ll chance a broken heart – please let me go.”

So Starmother said, “OK, but you can stay only as long as Songsmith makes a new song each day before the midnight hour. Should a day pass that he makes no song, you will have to return to the Starpeople.”

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