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Wo/Men’s World

by Night Song

I am a woman who is truly sad to see the minimalism of men in the pagan sphere.

We definitely live in a patriarchal society that is dominated by a patriarchal religion. This is not evidenced so much by literal physical, social, or financial oppression as it is a pervading frame of mind dealing with gender roles and preconceived notions. This mind set is social, cultural, and religious and so pervades any group of people that operate closely with the larger society. I know better than to think that dirty dishes in my kitchen when company arrives says more about me than it does about my husband, but I am still the one that goes promptly to doing away with said dirty dishes.

He, on the other hand, knows better than to think that weakness is less allowed to him because he is male, but still resents his inevitable times of emotion as embarrassing and tends not to share those things with male friends. We are both allowing the mindset to oppress us though we consciously know better.

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