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The Celtic Zodiac

By Aisling Bronach

The Celtic zodiac is something left unknown to many people. There are very few clues as to its constellations and meanings. The following is a compilation of the scant pieces of information which are available in regards to the Celtic zodiac and the associated folklore.

Katherine Maltwood, an aerial photographer, was able to reveal complex patterns in contours and landmarks of Glastonbury, in England. These appeared to form a very large zodiacal land chart. The only explanation of this land chart comes from L.A. Waddell in his book, the “Makers of Civilization” where he suggests that the Cymry might have originated in Sumeria and be the product of several immigrations which resulted in colonization from 2700 BC onward. Thus, we find an explanation for the arrival of the Welsh zodiac, the Caer Sidi. The Caer Sidi translates as the “Fortress of the Fairies.”

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