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Whitewater rumored to have witches

By Ted Sullivan

When a Whitewater man was arrested inside the city’s water tower in June, he said to the officer: “Do you believe in witches … I have to detonate this tower and kill all the witches.” The man also had a butcher knife to protect himself from witches, according to the criminal complaint, and he had been drinking whiskey all night long. Although he was charged with two felonies and two misdemeanors, the man can’t be accused of having a healthy curiosity.

Whitewater has long been rumored to have a haunted past. A movie, “The Witches of Whitewater,” is coming soon. The movie’s trailer can be viewed on YouTube. The trailer has had nearly 10,500 views. It also has generated 56 comments. A Facebook group titled “They made a movie about Whitewater … and it’s based on a true Story” has 880 members. The water tower is believed to be a meeting place for witches, according to, and residents once called police on Halloween after seeing people in robes performing a candlelight ceremony next to the tower.

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