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Children of the Magic Kingdom

by Ted Lumley
Once upon a time, in the universe of Then, … on the surface of a fertile terrestrial sphere, there was a magic kingdom presided over by a kindly king. the king cared greatly for his people, nurturing their growth and welfare and soon his citizens grew very prosperous and plentiful in number, … and thus, each year the kingdom walls were brought down and moved further outwards. And the king, like many kings, knew his kingdom well by the properties of its people, its streets, its buildings and monuments and all things in it, and also by the behaviours of his citizens and his soldiers and the traffic and commerce which ensued as they pursued their livelihoods. the king knew his kingdom well even as it grew larger and larger.

One day, he heard an angry voice and went to a balcony on the side of his castle that looked out over the wall of his kingdom to the wild country beyond, … and when he looked down, he saw an angry young hermit, who seemed to be representing the collection of wild animals which were gathered around him, as the hermit yelled and pointed all around, … and the king could not understand what on earth the hermit was going on about. But, … all of a sudden, when the king raised his eyes to the horizon, he realized he could now see the walls of his kingdom directly opposite him, … and as he scanned the horizon, he further realized that he could see, without any break in continuity, … the whole exterior wall of his kingdom, … and that all of the lands external to his kingdom could now be seen from his balcony. and what the hermit and the animals were complaining about was that the kingdom wall built to keep alien creatures out, was at the same time a wall which kept alien creatures in, and they no longer had room to run and play as before, nor were there, any longer, passageways to the sea, where they had habitually swam and fished.

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