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Purity Balls: Fighting Freedom with Authoritarian, Patriarchal Religion

by Austin Cline

One of the most important things to remember about authoritarian religion, authoritarian politics, and in fact any kind of authoritarian ideology is that they consistently portray themselves as necessary defenses against “chaos.” The authoritarian ideology exists to protect a natural order, usually established by God, which is the best way for people to live. The forces of chaos are usually driven by demonic forces and exist to undermine law, order, morality, democracy, faith, and everything else that is good and pure.

Purity Balls are all about the fathers: making them feel more masculine and powerful because they are knights in shining armor who will protect their innocent daughters from the evils of “the culture” that would corrupt them. It’s about helping men assert greater authority and control over their daughters so that their daughters will be less likely to seek personal or sexual autonomy as they grow older. It’s about reinforcing the entire patriarchal system of male control and authority over women, so that these girls will continue looking to men as the real actors for the rest of their lives.

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