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NASA confirms water on Mars

NASA scientists said on Thursday they had definitive proof that water exists on Mars after tests on ice found on the planet in June by the Phoenix Mars Lander. Until now, the evidence for ice has been circumstantial. That was based on photos Phoenix took of a hard splotchy area near its landing site and . . . → Read More: NASA confirms water on Mars

What Is a “Sin Eater?”

In ancient Celtic lore, a sin eater was a shamanic healer. As a sin eater, his or her duty was to remove the spirit of illness-the “sin”-from a member of the community, as well as to make the gods available to both the living and the dead. This was done through the process of . . . → Read More: What Is a “Sin Eater?”

From Christianity to Paganism

by mahud

This is an interview with my girlfriend Shannon. It is basically a response to a conversation we both had with Shanny’s mum, after I revealed to her that I was no longer a Christian, but a Pagan. She wasn’t super happy about it as she and most of Shan’s family are Christians, but . . . → Read More: From Christianity to Paganism

How “Earthy” Is Your Religion?

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

The Los Angeles Times brings us another edition of the ever-familiar “meet the Pagans” article. It has many of the usual “clever” lines journalists use when reporting on Pagans, allusions to Stevie Nicks, allusions to Harry Potter, Pagan Witches don’t all wear pointy black hats, you get the idea. But Matthew DeBord’s . . . → Read More: How “Earthy” Is Your Religion?

Starnymph and Songsmith

By Paul Derrick

It’s time for another telling of the magical story of Starnymph and Songsmith. Many eons ago Songsmith, who lived among the animals of the forest, made beautiful songs each day and set them adrift. One night as he was singing under the starry sky, a blindingly bright falling star appeared. When his . . . → Read More: Starnymph and Songsmith

Wo/Men’s World

by Night Song

I am a woman who is truly sad to see the minimalism of men in the pagan sphere.

We definitely live in a patriarchal society that is dominated by a patriarchal religion. This is not evidenced so much by literal physical, social, or financial oppression as it is a pervading frame of . . . → Read More: Wo/Men’s World

Herbal Craft

By Achriel Running a website for a community is never a profitable venture, most often it’s a labour of love with endless hours and a drain on the pocket. Since I own/run I can attest to just how much time, energy and resources a large site can consume over the years. To that end . . . → Read More: Herbal Craft

The Four Pillars of Magick: Power, Technique, Belief and ?

“What’s is the difference between a successful spell and an unsuccessful spell?” To this, my best answer would be that one of the four elements is missing or wrong.

Power – My best explanation for power would have to do with energy manipulation. It is simply the strength of your focus combined with the intensity . . . → Read More: The Four Pillars of Magick: Power, Technique, Belief and ?

Ancient device yields secrets

By Dan Vergano Archaeologists had long known the Antikythera Mechanism, a bronze relic pulled from a Roman shipwreck, had been an astronomical calculator used by the ancient Greeks to predict phases of the moon and planets. Now, a study out Wednesday shows the mechanism, which is at least 2,100 years old, also revealed the . . . → Read More: Ancient device yields secrets

Fairies dancing?

By Ross Boettcher

ROWAN, Iowa — A natural phenomenon with a name rooted in folklore has sprouted near the Iowa River Players Theatre. Dr. Jon Ahrendsen of Clarion said he first saw what is known as a fairy ring on Sunday on his way to a performance at the theater in Rowan. A fairy ring . . . → Read More: Fairies dancing?