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Runes and Asatru Religion

Asatru is the original pre-Christian religion of the Northern European Peoples. Asatru was followed by the Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, English and Dutch. Some Irish, Scott’s and Welsh also. Asatru expresses the religious heritage of the peoples of Northern European descent as a whole.

The 9 Runic Virtues of Asatru (below) pretty much sum up what the Asatru religion is all about. Our ancestors believed in a number of gods and goddesses.

The 24 rune futhork is the one most commonly used by the followers of Asatru. There is no such thing as a 25Th rune. The blank rune is a farce.

I prefer to work with the younger futhork of 18 Armanen runes.

Runes no matter which futhork you choose to use, are Universal Creative Energies. You can best use runes by making a connection to their runic energies in the Quantum Ocean and bringing them into your life.

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