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Concepts of Magick

by Bandraoi

One of the greatest misunderstood practices in the world is the practice of magick or ritual ceremony. While most feel this is something that is a part of “occult” or “supernatural” practices, it is something that is utilized on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. Part of the problem is how people define “magick” (which is spelled with a “k” in some circles to set it apart from stage magic or prestidigitation). They think of it as something dark or sinister, something that has bad consequences or is connected with “evil” forces. The real truth of the matter is there is very little difference between magick and other forms of religious practice … or wishing for that matter. They all involve belief in a higher power or energy and one’s own personal connection to that entity. Whether we believe we are part of that higher energy or that it is a separate existence from us that guides us, the majority of people (with the exception of perhaps atheists) have some form of practices that has to do with getting in touch with that energy to make themselves and their lives better.

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