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Kathie Lee Gifford and the Pagan Controversy

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

Perhaps I’ve developed outrage fatigue from covering religious news for so many years, but I just can’t seem to muster much energy for the supposed controversy over vacuous morning-show host Kathie Lee Gifford’s “anti-pagan” comments. I watched the offending video clip in question, and I just don’t see anything worth threats of boycott or starting a petition. I certainly don’t agree with Ellen Evert Hopman & Dana Corby’s assertion that her off-the-cuff statement amounted to “hate speech”.

Should you boycott The Today Show? Sure, if only because it’s stupid, lowest-common-denominator television that enriches no one. Not because Kathie Lee Gifford allegedly “hates” Pagans. Let’s turn our attention to the endemic discrimination against Pagans in prisons, or the improper influence of Christianity on our military, or the legislative strategies that seek to enshrine a Christian civil religion and relegate religious minorities to second-class status, or the role of modern Pagans in politics. Heck, we could even talk about the reality television shows that actually do some damage to our reputation. What we shouldn’t do is manufacture a controversy where one doesn’t actually exist.

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