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The Village – A Shocking Film Exposes the Dangers of Wicca!

reviewed by Pastor Fred Deacon

Folks, the film, “The Village,” will hit home for you! You know that for years we have tried to expose Wiccans for the Satan-worshipping misfits they are! For me, this M. Night Shamadang person summed up in a mere two hours what we have been trying to say for over 200-years!

Our forefathers who founded Freehold, Iowa dealt with their witches the old fashioned way! The Bible way! All one has to do is drag Landover Lake, and you’ll see that its bottom is stacked high with the bones of those foul beasts. The EPA says it’s because of Landover Baptist’s raw sewage disposal plant that Landover Lake is uninhabitable to fish, but we know better. It’s because of those cursed bones floating around. Anyone who has paddled a canoe across that lake can attest to the annoyance of having their paddle catch on a bobbing Wicca skull or pelvic bone. Hallelujah!

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