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Maiden, Mother and Crone Herbs

by Marguerite Elsbeth

Ancient cultures including the Celtic peoples viewed the goddess as having three manifestations — Maiden, Mother and Crone — which symbolized the three phases of a woman’s life. Below are herbs and teas that honor each of these phases. Be careful in their preparation to avoid using copper or aluminum untensils as . . . → Read More: Maiden, Mother and Crone Herbs

For peyote dealers, business is dwindling

By Jeremy Roebuck

A sign in front of Mauro Morales’ home announces his business for everyone to see. “Peyote Dealer,” it proclaims in large block letters. Each day, drivers passing by slow down for double takes and some even pull over, get out and snap photos. Who can blame them?, Morales asks with a mischievous . . . → Read More: For peyote dealers, business is dwindling

Runes and Asatru Religion

Asatru is the original pre-Christian religion of the Northern European Peoples. Asatru was followed by the Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, English and Dutch. Some Irish, Scott’s and Welsh also. Asatru expresses the religious heritage of the peoples of Northern European descent as a whole.

The 9 Runic Virtues of Asatru (below) pretty much sum up . . . → Read More: Runes and Asatru Religion

The Tree of Life

by Jennifer Emick The Tree of Life is an important symbol in nearly every culture. With its branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth, it dwells in three worlds- a link between heaven, the earth, and the underworld, uniting above and below. It is both a feminine symbol, bearing sustenance, and . . . → Read More: The Tree of Life

A Troubling Legal Precedent in Texas

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

Twelve years ago a 17 year-old girl in a Pentecostal church was restrained for several hours on two different occasions for the purposes of exorcism. She experienced rope-burns, carpet burns, and bruises. Feeling emotionally traumatized by this involuntary action, the girl was eventually diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and her parents sued . . . → Read More: A Troubling Legal Precedent in Texas

Quarrying protest

By Joanna Davis

A FIGHT to save coastal land from quarrying united druids, morris men, councillors and families on a damp cliff-top. Members of pagan group the Dolmen Grove braved soggy conditions to see in the summer solstice at Portland Bill while staging a protest against stone extraction plans. The group asked non-pagans to join . . . → Read More: Quarrying protest

Honouring His Goatness

by Desmond F. Kelly

In the town of Killorglin in County Kerry, the reins of power are handed to a wild billy goat once a year. It’s an opportunity for the people to let out their inner beast — and for tourists to party the night away. The crowning of a king has always been . . . → Read More: Honouring His Goatness

The naked judge in a courtroom drama

The old woman was a principal witness in the celebrated case. She came to testify that another woman was a witch. She had all the documents to that effect. She was not merely mimicking Malik Kweku Baako. Like him she claimed she had solid proof.

The bizarre case had drawn a multitude to the courthouse . . . → Read More: The naked judge in a courtroom drama

The Magick Power of the Spoken Word

by Whispering Woods coven

Since most folks who identify themselves as pagan these days came from other belief systems, I have to wonder about the awareness of some of the basic aspects of magick. One of these basic aspects is the power of the spoken word. What, you may ask, in the spoken word . . . → Read More: The Magick Power of the Spoken Word

Experts see activity that spooks many

Don Carter is a skeptic, so he is careful not to say that Milford is haunted. But the paranormal investigator devotes two chapters to the city in his new book “Connecticut’s Seaside Ghosts” (Schiffer Publishing Co., $14.99) and said in a recent interview that he could have written much more on Milford. “The cemetery alone . . . → Read More: Experts see activity that spooks many