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What is karma?

Cause and effect. Actions have consequences. Karma is an important concept for Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs. Translated from the Sanskrit, it means simply “action”. Because karma is used in a number of ways and contexts – even among different branches of Buddhism – this can be confusing.

Dhammadassin, a teacher at the London Buddhist . . . → Read More: What is karma?

The Best of Green Egg

by Chas Clifton

Before there was the Internet, there was Green Egg. Published since 1967 (with interruptions in the late 1970s and early 2000s), Green Egg shaped American Paganism, provided bridges between different groups, and, I think, went a long way towards nudging Wicca, in particular, which had crossed the Atlantic as a small-group mystery . . . → Read More: The Best of Green Egg

‘Draco Malfoy’ is a witch


HARRY Potter villain Draco Malfoy is related to real-life WITCHES. Experts found actor Tom Felton is descended from convicts hanged during the notorious Salem witch trials in 1692. Researcher David Nelson said: I have discovered concrete proof of a link between Tom and some of those who were executed.

He is a . . . → Read More: ‘Draco Malfoy’ is a witch

Stonehenge mystery solved?


Britain’s famous Stonehenge was used as a cemetery from its very beginnings about 3000 BC and could have begun as the resting place for a single elite family and its descendants, perhaps a ruling dynasty. That’s the conclusion of University of Sheffield archeologists Mike Parker-Pearson and Andrew Chamberlain.

To determine how . . . → Read More: Stonehenge mystery solved?

Witch School First Degree

by John Canard

Witch School First Degree, Lessons in the Correllian Tradition by Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell. I was pleased to be asked to review this book as I have heard some ferocious debates about the subject of Witch School and the Correllian tradition, and prefer to make my own mind up based on the evidence . . . → Read More: Witch School First Degree

Lesbian Witches, Hippie Goddesses & Peace on Earth

I came to hear Starhawk. If you don’t know who Starhawk is, she’s a radical writer, peace activist and witch who inspires people to believe that we can take the world back from the polluting, money-hungry corporations and power-hungry politicians. In a word, she’s awesome. We all packed into the hall to hear her speak . . . → Read More: Lesbian Witches, Hippie Goddesses & Peace on Earth

Angitia, Oscan Goddess of Snakes and Healing

Angitia (the Latin name of the Oscan Anagtia), is an Oscan healing and snake Goddess who was especially revered by the Marsi, a warlike tribe of people who lived to the east of Rome in the Apennine Mountains (sometimes called after them the Marsian Hills) and who spoke a Sabellan dialect. She was famed for . . . → Read More: Angitia, Oscan Goddess of Snakes and Healing

Triumph of the Moon

reviewed by Lolair The first time I read this book by history professor and pagan Ronald Hutton I thought “this is a book every Wiccan must read because it is a comprehensive history of the craft”. Hutton covered the factors leading to the new witchcraft movement in England and the founding of Wicca by Gerald . . . → Read More: Triumph of the Moon

Dianic Wicca – In the Beginning…

by Zsuzsanna E. Budapest

I have talked about the Birth of the Women’s Spirituality Movement in my speeches. I have described our very first Sabbath, on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 1971, in Hollywood, California; it is from this point I date the inception of women’s spirituality. That story is in my books, The Grandmother . . . → Read More: Dianic Wicca – In the Beginning…

Disguised as the Devil

Was the Devil’s Mark that was found in the past on the skin of accused witches really the Bull’s Eye Rash found on modern Lyme disease victims? This question intrigued M. M. Drymon, a historian who lives in Maine. While most historians have focused their interests on the Salem Witch hunt as a religious and . . . → Read More: Disguised as the Devil