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Neo-conservatism and the ‘Creeping Orthodoxy’

Is the Creeping Orthodoxy really an induction of more conservative values & practises that shape our public and private ritual work? Or is it that we do need to be careful as pagans are now more in the public eye and more under scrutiny, especially when it comes to teaching & interacting with those under the age of 18. Or are we, ourselves, sick of perpetuating the myth of the ‘spooky witch’, as for many of us, it no longer holds any relevance or value apart from a historical fascination and study?

You hear the arguments for silence for talking about Witchcraft stemming from the cry of ‘but we practise a mystery tradition’ and I say yeah….so? If one is walking a mystery tradition or path, then no amount of so-called ‘demystifying’ in the media should influence the development or practise of that path. There is only so much that can ever be understood by an outside observer. Only public perception will change, which in my mind, doesn’t influence the actual, private, experiential practise.

I think there is some animosity between those who support the spooky archetypal ‘witch of medieval antiquity’ v’s the new ‘modern witch/pagan’. You could almost call it the debate of the traditionalists v’s eclectics – but that’s another discussion really 😉 I can smell a witch war of ‘mythic’ proportions brewing and sides have been taken, with judgements and criticisms being thrown down, like the proverbial gauntlet. I think this is going to hit in the next 6-12mths as those who insist on exercising their ‘freedom to be a (spooky) witch’ and those who are terrified of society in general getting the wrong idea, clash in this space.

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