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Paisley memorial to ancient witches

A NEW memorial which honours seven Paisley ‘witches’ who were brutally executed has been unveiled – more than 300 years after their deaths. Mystery and intrigue has long surrounded the slaying of the so-called witches in the 17th century. The four women and three men were strangled at the stake on the Gallow Green in the West End of Paisley and then had their bodies burned on a blazing bonfire. Afterwards, their charred remains were buried at Maxwellton Cross at a site marked by a horseshoe and circle of cobbled stones.
“This tribute also acknowledges that the ‘witches’ were hard done by.”
The mass execution at the Gallow Green was one of the darkest days in Paisley’s history. The alleged Paisley witches – who were simply ordinary countrymen and women who used herbal remedies and forecast the weather by studying natural phenomena like the flight patterns of birds and the behaviour of cattle and sheep – had been found guilty of putting a spell on 11-year-old Christian Shaw, the daughter of the wealthy laird of Bargarran.

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