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Funding the Pagans

By Achriel
Running a website for a community is never a profitable venture, most often it’s a labour of love with endless hours and a drain on the pocket. Being I own/run I can attest to just how much time and resources a large site can consume over the years. To that end I created to help fund the site but also because I got tired of buying my supplies from 10 different sources and waiting weeks for delivery.

I figured that I could help you (the other community builders) get rid of some of the financial load from running your sites. HerbalCraft now has an affiliate program that’ll bank 10% of any referred sales to your account (you need to register 1st but don’t have to buy anything). You can use those bucks to buy from the site or have them transfered to your PayPal account. It’s a simple as link on your site with the URL in your ‘My Account’ on HerbalCraft. This is open to anyone but let’s keep it a pagan secret for now.

Assuming you’ve read this far you probably want to set this up on your blog, FaceBook, web site or even a footer in your forum posts. Here’s the steps you need to do:

1) Goto

2) Register if you don’t have an account already (

3) Assuming you are now Registered go to My Account

4) You’ll now see a section about the Affiliate program

5) The How to earn money will give you the link that if anyone clicks and registers they become ‘your’ customer. Any purchases they make will credit your account 10% of the sale (not including taxes or shipping).

6) Start placing your link all over.. I’m sure you know how to do that. Remember forum signatures, FaceBook, blogs, elists or even a link on your homepage or email.

7) Good for you, good for WiccanWeb.

Here’s a few images you might like to use if you want graphical links:


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