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Qadshu, Holy Goddess of Sexuality and Fertility

Qadshu, “the Holy One” is an epithet of various Canaanite and Syrian Goddesses, Who eventually seems to have become an independent Goddess of Sexuality, Sacred Ecstacy and Fertility.

Qadshu’s cult involved the ritual of the sacred marriage, in which participants acted out the parts of the Goddess and Her consort, usually as a seasonal rite. The qadashah, (the “holy ones” or “religiously clean or pure ones”), were the women of Her temple, who may have acted as sacred prostitutes, giving themselves sexually to visitors while taking the role of the Goddess as a sacred act. If they did function as prostitutes, then the Canaanites had a very different (and, I would argue as a modern Pagan, far more healthy) attitude towards sex workers than we do today, as the meaning of the name, “the clean ones” implies. But then, they might have been nothing of the sort—the implication that these temple women functioned as “whores” is from the Bible, hardly an unbiased source when it comes to the competing religion.

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