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Infidelity, Betrayal, Cheating – Dream Symbols

by Aisling Ireland

Some of the more disturbing dreams are those of infidelity. These dreams may be dreams of your partner having sex with someone other than you or you yourself may be the party who is betraying the other. Here is a look at dreams of infidelity and what they symbolize.

Oftentimes we are unaware of our own feelings and it takes dreams to wake us up to what is going on in our own psyches! This can be especially true if the feeling are unpleasant feelings such as fear and insecurity. Dreaming that one’s partner is sleeping with someone else does not necessarily mean that is what is happening in waking life. What it does mean is that there is some level of insecurity or fear surrounding the relationship. When we become fearful or insecure in our relationships we often begin fearing that we will be abandoned or replaced with someone else. Dreams of a cheating partner may be expressions of this fear.

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