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Coming of age as a Pagan

by Lady SpringWolf

Just about all cultures and religions once recognized the time when a child moves into adulthood. Some religions still honour the Coming of Age as a special time. But in our modern hurry up society, this remarkable event often gets over looked. We really disrespect our children by ignoring this time of their life. Of course the big question is, when does a child become an adult. Some cultures believe the magical age occurs at puberty. Others set a common age at 13. To pagans, 13 is seen as the number of transition or change. Here the “1” represents an individual person stepping onto the divine path of the “3” Goddesses. To others it takes on a more numerological meaning. Numerology adds all numbers together until there is only one, (1+3=4); four being a number of wholeness or the full circle of life.

The Coming Of Age rite is a confirmation of faith. If a young adult has chosen to follow the pagan path, they are accepted into the Coven or Clan. The Coven will conduct a rite for the young adult to dedicate themselves to the beliefs and principles of the pagan life and are welcomed into the coven as practicing members. During this rite the child chooses their identity within the Coven family by announcing their magikal name. The name they will be known as within the circle, to fellow members and to the GreatSpirits.

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