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Dear Carl Llewellyn Weschcke….

by Rose Welsh
Here are the suggestions I sent to Llewellyn’s owner as he requested. Beyond Wicca and NeoPagan 101 – (NeoPagan & Wiccan = NPW) Below is an extensive, by not exclusive list of topics I think might cover Wicca/NeoPaganism beyond 101. I took the advice of Dianne Sylvan and took a look at books written by Christians about living as a Christian as a template. I did not cover all the topics or books in this category at Amazon by far and I think your company might find even more ideas by extensively researching the types of books other religions write about how to live their particular path.

NeoPagan & Wiccan Sexuality, Virtue & Ethics

  • NPW Male Sexuality, morality & virtue (all sexualities)
  • NPW Female Sexuality, morality & virtue (all sexualities)
  • Leading a virtuous and moral life as a NPW where there is a lot of everything-goes attitude. In other words, use mythical and real stories to illustrate how to create your own NPW code of ethics, values and morals in a modern age. If an old myth doesn’t work with the modern age, create a new one to illustrate the point.
  • Goddess & God Embracing: NPW Sexual Function & Disfunction in heterosexual relationships. Discovering the Healing Power of the Gods
  • The God/dess Embracing: NPW Sexual Function and Disfunction in homosexual, transexual and bisexual relationships. Discovering the Healing Power of the Gods
  • NPW Sexual Integrity
  • Read the original article at: Where the Land Meets the Sea

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