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Funding the Pagans

By Achriel Running a website for a community is never a profitable venture, most often it’s a labour of love with endless hours and a drain on the pocket. Being I own/run I can attest to just how much time and resources a large site can consume over the years. To that end I . . . → Read More: Funding the Pagans

Pagans celebrate Beltane

by Samir Abdel-Aziz

The Marshall University Pagan Association combined different traditions Monday to celebrate the ritual of Beltane, which marks the beginning of summer. “Beltane is a Celtic festival of early summer,” said George Fain, president of the Marshall Pagans and sophomore sociology major from Welch, W.Va. “We celebrate the new crops coming in, celebrating . . . → Read More: Pagans celebrate Beltane

We’re the true Lesbians

RESIDENTS of the Greek island of Lesbos have launched a legal case against a gay group, insisting they are the real Lesbians. Two inhabitants of the island of Lesbos along with a member of a Nationalist Pagan Association today launched a legal case to ban the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union (OLKE) from bearing the . . . → Read More: We’re the true Lesbians

Infidelity, Betrayal, Cheating – Dream Symbols

by Aisling Ireland

Some of the more disturbing dreams are those of infidelity. These dreams may be dreams of your partner having sex with someone other than you or you yourself may be the party who is betraying the other. Here is a look at dreams of infidelity and what they symbolize.

Oftentimes we . . . → Read More: Infidelity, Betrayal, Cheating – Dream Symbols

A Merry Beltane

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

“What potent blood hath modest May.” – Ralph W. Emerson

Tonight and tomorrow (in the northern hemisphere) are the traditional dates for many of the major spring/summer festivals in modern Paganism. Beltane, Bealtaine, May Day, Floralia, Protomayia, and Walpurgis Night, to name just a few. This fire festival heralds the coming of . . . → Read More: A Merry Beltane

Art after life

By Athena Davis

In his Hillcrest studio, Daniel Ortega is constructing an ossuary—otherwise known as a resting place for the bones of the dead. “This is going to be my first time doing an ossuary, with a little window right here,” Ortega says, pointing to a two-inch dip on the lower edge of a . . . → Read More: Art after life

Midwives go medieval

Fears that independent midwives may not be able to get insurance led to one getting a ‘ducking’. Virginia Howes, who runs the Kent Midwifery Practice, waded into the River Stour in Canterbury to draw attention to the Save Independent Midwifery Campaign. She was watched by midwives from across the county and some of their clients . . . → Read More: Midwives go medieval

Coming of age as a Pagan

by Lady SpringWolf

Just about all cultures and religions once recognized the time when a child moves into adulthood. Some religions still honour the Coming of Age as a special time. But in our modern hurry up society, this remarkable event often gets over looked. We really disrespect our children by ignoring this time . . . → Read More: Coming of age as a Pagan


by Jill Stefko

Walpurgisnacht, the ancient Pagan celebration, is closely related to the Celtic fire festival, Beltane. According to Rosemary Ellen Guiley, in The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft (Checkmark Books, 1999), Walpurgisnacht is one of the major Sabbats or holidays celebrated by the witches or Pagans of Germany to celebrate spring.

It is . . . → Read More: Walpurgisnacht

Psychics in tizzy over UK consumer protection rules

Can you take psychics, tantriks crystal-gazers or mediums to court if predictions of good fortune or ever-lasting love don’t materialise? Yes, you will soon be able to sue them, if you live in Britain or the European Union, thanks to new consumer protection rules coming into force, and soothsayers who earn over 40 million pounds . . . → Read More: Psychics in tizzy over UK consumer protection rules