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Sacred Performance Art

by Gus diZerega

There is little people of genuine religious faith owe the Christianist Right, but one thing we do owe them is their bringing religion back into a prominent place for public discussion. Their attacks on evolution, stem cell research, sex education, physics, and science in general has brought some of the sharpest minds . . . → Read More: Sacred Performance Art

Interview with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

Authors, teachers, and elders, Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone have had an indelible influence on the modern Paganism movement. With her late husband Stewart Farrar, Janet helped pen some of religious Witchcraft’s most well-regarded tomes, including “Eight Sabbats for Witches” and “The Witches’ Way” (subsequently re-released as one volume entitled “A Witches’ . . . → Read More: Interview with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

Pagan Community – What Works?

by Whispering Woods Coven

Ever since the early 1970’s when I first became aware of such concerns, there has been talk of forming a pagan community. To my mind there has always been such a community, though it has not always been publicly evident as such. For the most part, this has been due to . . . → Read More: Pagan Community – What Works?

What to Do When Your Teen Discovers Wicca or Paganism

by Patti Wigington

So your child has started reading books on witchcraft, likes wearing lots of silver jewelry, and has changed her name to Moonfire. Should you be worried?

Not yet.

For many parents of teens who have discovered Paganism and Wicca, there are a lot of questions and concerns. You may be worried that . . . → Read More: What to Do When Your Teen Discovers Wicca or Paganism

Springtime Magick: Planting Runes!

by Jerome M

The vernal equinox is a time when rebirth and renewal are celebrated in many religious and spiritual traditions. For me it’s a happy time that marks the end of winter’s darkness and beginning of longer days and nicer weather. In years past it was a time when the earth was tilled, seeds . . . → Read More: Springtime Magick: Planting Runes!

Redheads won’t go without fiery fight

Long live redheads! AS I RECALL, my Angel of Death wore wire-rimmed glasses and brown loafers. He sidled up to my mother and me–both redheads–while we enjoyed overpriced frozen coffee drinks at a bookstore in Florida and announced unequivocally that we were on the verge of extinction. “You know you guys are a dying breed, . . . → Read More: Redheads won’t go without fiery fight

Indian ‘Witch’ tied to a tree and beaten

by Tess Eastment

An Indian woman accused of being a witch was tied to a tree and beaten by a mob, with television footage of the incident aired in India on Friday. Nishant Tiwari, a police official in northeastern India, said a journalist who filmed the beating called him Thursday to report the incident, which . . . → Read More: Indian ‘Witch’ tied to a tree and beaten

Funding the Pagans

By Achriel Running a website for a community is never a profitable venture, most often it’s a labour of love with endless hours and a drain on the pocket. Being I own/run I can attest to just how much time and resource a large site can consume over the years. To that end I . . . → Read More: Funding the Pagans

Paganism and Polemic

by Ronald Hutton

In 1998, the first issue of the newly renamed journal of the Canadian Folklore Association, Ethnologies, included an article by Donald H. Frew, a Californian terming himself an “independent scholar writer.” It represented a historiographical landmark, being only the second contribution to one of the key scholarly debates in the history of . . . → Read More: Paganism and Polemic

Will Amazon Hurt Small Pagan Publishers?

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

In the past few days news has emerged that Internet book-selling giant has been pressuring small publishing houses who use print-on-demand services like Lightning Source (owned by Ingram), Lulu, and PublishAmerica to switch to Amazon’s own in-house POD service or have their “buy” button removed. This policy was confirmed by Amazon . . . → Read More: Will Amazon Hurt Small Pagan Publishers?