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Frogs and Toads – Dream Symbol

by Aisling Ireland

When thinking of animals associated with rebirth or transformation in mythology, it may be easy to overlook the lowly frog. But the frog has a prominent place in the mythology of many world cultures as a symbol of transformation or fertility meaning that the little green gal also has a firm footing in the collective unconscious, the place where dreams are made. Looking at the frog’s place in mythology helps us to understand its place in our dreams.

Frogs are associated with the Egyptian frog goddess Heket (Heqet, Heget) who was associated with the flooding of the Nile. Why was she associated with the flooding of the Nile? Because shortly after the Nile left its riverbed, millions of tiny frogs also appeared in Egypt! The frog goddess symbolized life and fertility to the ancient Egyptians and charms of her image were worn by pregnant females as invocations for a safe birth.

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