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Funkupaganism and Art

By Amanda Greene

Bucking the trends in religion as well as in the art world have been Robert Delford Brown’s principle occupation for the last 44 years since the founding of his religion, Funkupaganism, or The Church of the Exquisite Panic Inc. in 1964. It’s what he calls an Orthodox Pagan belief where its chief deity is WHO? – as in “we don’t know where we’re going, but WHO? knows!” Its main commandment is to live. (Its main prohibition is “Do Not Eat Cars,” a rule that he hoped would inspire questioning instead of conformity in his followers.)

Creating a religion – “I had hoped that its rituals and ikons would serve as an endless source of subject matter for my work as a painter and sculptor, and it would also help me to explain to myself a world that was totally overwhelming in its complexity,” Brown wrote on his Web site, Orthodox Paganism “would be a funny doctrine, as levity has been a rare commodity in western religion since the Protestant Reformation.” One of the main tenets of his religion and a driving force in his art is the concept of Pharblongence, the Anglicized version of a Yiddish word loosely translated as “total confusion.”

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