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Taditional witchcraft, Which Wytch is Witch

This essay is written to show the differences as well as what similarities exist between what is known as the practice of *Traditional Witchcraft* and the practice of *Wicca*.

The practice of what has been termed as Traditional Craft or Trad Craft has seen a rise in the number of seekers of information and actual practices over the last several years due to many reasons; the advent of the information age including the sharing of information by electronic means (as we are now *g), removal of the fear of being *outed* by non-witches due to the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in Britain in 1951 (and soon followed suit by many other countries over the next several years) as well as a genuine yearning by those seekers who wish to find a spiritual practice that fulfills them and hearkens to a similar faith as may have been born down through-out their family line and ancestry.

While Wicca had its birth in the latter half of the twentieth century due to the concentrated efforts of a retired British civil servant by the name of Gerald Brosseau Gardner, Traditional Craft has been recognized as expressed by the particular practices and beliefs of entire family lines that carried on these traditions (even having to resort to going underground when it was considered dangerous to openly admit to having such knowledge) since far before our current century.

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