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Pagan Community – What Works?

by Whispering Woods Coven

Ever since the early 1970’s when I first became aware of such concerns, there has been talk of forming a pagan community. To my mind there has always been such a community, though it has not always been publicly evident as such. For the most part, this has been due to the repressive policies of the Abrahamic belief systems that have necessitated a hidden and thus a secret society.

Since the beginning of humankind, pagans have been about and quietly practicing their craft. Some have engaged themselves as solitaires and others have thrived within small and secluded covens or similar gatherings. In all reality this is what constituted a pagan community. Regardless of what approach one chose, the magickal arts have always been preserved and studied as such. Spiritual growth has continued to flourish in spite of the obstacles that it has had to overcome. And depending on what era one lived in, these obstacles could well prove to be fatal.

Read the original article at: Witchvox

Read the original article at: Witchvox

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