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Springtime Magick: Planting Runes!

by Jerome M

The vernal equinox is a time when rebirth and renewal are celebrated in many religious and spiritual traditions. For me it’s a happy time that marks the end of winter’s darkness and beginning of longer days and nicer weather. In years past it was a time when the earth was tilled, seeds were planted, and hopes of an abundant harvest filled the minds of many. Here’s a simple and enjoyable ritual you can use to connect with the earth and use the power of the runes to help you manifest what you desire. After gathering these, decide what rune’s energy you’d like to manifest more of in your life. A few suggestions are given below, along with links to more.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Handful of beans OR a Chia Pet (or similar product).
  • If using beans, you’ll also need a medium sized pot filled 2/3 full with soil and some plastic wrap.

    Read the original article at: Under a Violet Sun

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