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Blessings, cleansing rituals part of spring cleaning

by Sheba R. Wheeler

Spring cleaning rarely brings one to tears. But taking steps to remove bad mojo from her new home last week spurred an emotional reaction for Valarie Griebel. Thinking about more than mundane clutter and dust bunnies, this Colorado nonfiction writer and her new husband, Jeff, engaged in a metaphysical house cleansing with feng shui practitioner Eiko Okura. “The moments of connection that I felt with Jeff while we completed the ritual together truly touched me,” Griebel said. “We wanted to rid our space of things in the past that have no relevance for us now and welcome in love, honesty, serenity, peace and balance.”

House cleansing practitioners like Okura say the best way to make the physical, backbreaking spring cleaning rite more meaningful is to pair it with an emotional ritual. The two acts can go hand in hand during this season of rebirth and renewal. Some house cleansing happens naturally, when seasonal warmth prompts people to throw open doors and windows to let in freshness and light. Emotional cleansing goes one step further by encouraging residents to seek positive energy in their homes. House cleansing rituals and symbols vary from one culture to the next. American Indians, for instance, burn dried sage to push out negative energy with its aromatic smoke.

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