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Crystal Ball Gazing

by Sharon Jacobsen

Crystal ball gazing has been around for thousands of years, although nobody knows for sure when it was first used as a way of channelling the thoughts buried deep within the subconscious mind. Using a crystal ball in order to visualise events is a form of scrying. While crystal ball gazing is the most popular and therefore most recognised form of scrying, any reflective surface can be used. A bowl of water-of even better, ink-works well, as does a mirror.

A common misconception is that a crystal ball has magical powers-supernatural qualities that enable it to foresee the future. This is untrue and if we consider that the Buddhist name for quartz crystal-the crystal from which scrying balls are made-is “visible nothingness”, we can understand that it’s the clearness of the crystal that gives it extraordinary scrying qualities. When using a crystal ball, a state of light trance is induced, a state very similar to that reached during meditation. This state of trance gives the gazer a dissociation of consciousness that allows information to pass through to the “mind’s eye”. It’s here we see images, not in the crystal ball itself.

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