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Unwicked Wicca


Local witch not fearsome at all. Some people just don’t act according to stereotype. Take Lyn Brown, for example: She is, by her own careful and considered evaluation, a witch. But there’s no pointy hat, no skulking black cat, no bubbling cauldrons and, though she may own a vacuum cleaner, there are no brooms upon which to fly. And spells? The ones she casts are positive.

On an evening last weekend, while many Christians were preparing for Easter worship, Brown, a few of her Wiccan girlfriends and a few associated onlookers gathered at her acreage east of town to light a full-moon, equinox bonfire, write out their good wishes for the upcoming year and toss them into the bonfire so that they could be carried to, well, wherever such good wishes belong. Despite what Sunday-school teachers like to tell us, Wicca – the at-once generic and specific name for this belief system – seems, at Brown’s level of practice, unthreatening. She explains it as a peaceful and balanced approach to life and spirituality that aims to connect the individual with what is divine and, indeed, with all that exists. It’s nature focused, and how bad can that be?

Read the original article at: The Pueblo Chieftan

Read the original article at: The Pueblo Chieftan

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