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Set in Egyptian Theology

Set in Egyptian TheologyBy Oz TechSource

Set was one of the earliest Egyptian deities, a god of the night identified with the northern stars. In the earliest ages of Egypt this Prince of Darkness was well regarded. One persistant token of this regard is the Tcham scepter, having the stylized head and tail of Set. . . . → Read More: Set in Egyptian Theology

How the Sacred Whore Fell

by Levana Lindentree and Bestia Mortale

The sacred whore appears in the earliest records, integral to society when humans were first gathering in cities and learning to write. The major work of the oldest known author, the Sumerian priestess Enheduanna, is a paean to the hierodule (sacred whore) of heaven, the goddess Inanna, Wendy Mulford . . . → Read More: How the Sacred Whore Fell

New group aims to unite pagans

by Sarah Goldthorpe

A NEW group has been set up to unite pagans in Dorset. Ian Temple, owner of Sgt Bun Bakery in Weymouth, has launched The Dorset Grove to bring together anyone with alternative religious beliefs. Mr Temple said the group was intended to create a community of different Dorset pagans. And it is . . . → Read More: New group aims to unite pagans

The Lancashire Witch Conspiracy

The Lancashire Witch Conspiracy is a remarkable new book by John A. Clayton, focusing on the Pendle Witch Trials of 1612. He has undertaken extensive research to achieve what seemed impossible, bringing valuable new evidence to light. It was the largest witch trial in England at that time, surpassed only by Matthew Hopkins’ reign of . . . → Read More: The Lancashire Witch Conspiracy

A Different Art

by Batya Weinbaum

Hindus began the art of palmistry, or so it is said. Since Hindus have been studying palmistry longer than Westerners, one would think there would be more books written on the topic. But actually, since Hindu palmistry was largely an oral tradition, passed down from generation to generation as so many folk . . . → Read More: A Different Art

Witchcraft in a Mexican town

By James C. Mckinley Jr.

To kill a man, Alejandro Gallegos García explains, all you need is a black cloth doll, some thread, a human bone and a toad. Oh, and you must ask the devil permission, in person, at a cave in the hills where he is said to appear. Assuming you have . . . → Read More: Witchcraft in a Mexican town

Hypatia Comes to the Screen

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

Filming is currently underway on “Agora”, a work directed by Alejandro Amenabar (“The Others”, “The Sea Inside”), that centers on the efforts of female philosopher and mathematician Hypatia to save the collected wisdom of Alexandria. Starring in the role of Hypatia will be Academy Award-winning English actress Rachel Weisz. This film, more . . . → Read More: Hypatia Comes to the Screen

Should Pagans Be Vegetarian?

Should Pagans be vegetarian? It’s a question that comes up with some regularity in Pagan circles, and opinions vary widely, as they do among Pagans on virtually anything. Some look back with fondness on the habits of our Celtic and Germanic predecessors, for whom serious feasting always included beer or mead, rowdy song and dance, . . . → Read More: Should Pagans Be Vegetarian?

Religious leaders speak about faith and homosexuality

by J.J. Alcantara

Four religious leaders spoke to University students about the stances of their respective religions on homosexuality. The Gays, Bisexuals, Lesbians, Supporters United hosted the interfaith panel Wednesday evening in the University Student Union.

Weinstein said people are brothers and sisters in God’s kingdom, and there is no room for pushing someone out . . . → Read More: Religious leaders speak about faith and homosexuality

Some thoughts on Pagan Schools

by Laura Jean Carr

Pagan schools are rapidly developing all over the United States in response to the growing popularity of Paganism. Some of these schools are legitimate places of education while others are based solely on profit. One should keep in mind that though the basic tenant of Paganism is the acknowledgment for an . . . → Read More: Some thoughts on Pagan Schools