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How many Wiccans are there?

The massive American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) is probably the most accurate source for religious identification. It was a telephone poll taken during 2001-FEB to JUNE. However, even their estimates contain room for errors:

Some heavily oppressed and discriminated against groups, like Wiccans and other Neopagans, often refuse to reveal their religion to a stranger . . . → Read More: How many Wiccans are there?

‘Witch’ gives birth in gallows

A WOMAN was hung from a tree after being accused of witchcraft – and gave birth as she struggled in the noose. Pregnant Nolan Yekum and her husband Paul were dragged from their house and hung from a tree by fellow tribesmen who accused them of sorcery after the couple’s neighbour suddenly died.

Their . . . → Read More: ‘Witch’ gives birth in gallows

They’re The Queens Of Soles…

By Laura Coventry

THEY say that you can tell so much about a person by their hands but did you know that the same could be said for your feet? Just ask complementary therapists Jacqueline Munro and Heidi Grillo. By looking at the shape, contours, length, width and blemishes on the feet, Jacqueline and . . . → Read More: They’re The Queens Of Soles…

Survey: Americans freely change, or drop, their religions

By Cathy Lynn Grossman

A new map of faith in the USA shows a nation constantly shifting amid religious choices, unaware or unconcerned with doctrinal distinctions. Unbelief is on the rise. And immigration is introducing new faces in the pews, new cultural concerns, new forces in the public square. The U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, released . . . → Read More: Survey: Americans freely change, or drop, their religions

Magic pendant ad banished by ASA

by Maria Esposito

A TV ad for a pendant that claimed to ward off evil spirits has been banned by the advertising watchdog for exploiting the vulnerable. The direct response TV advert in Hindi was run by MATV Punjabi in December last year, and featured a Ganesh rudraksh pendant that promised to promote good . . . → Read More: Magic pendant ad banished by ASA

Minds of their Own

By Virginia Morell Animals are smarter than you think. In 1977 Irene Pepperberg, a recent graduate of Harvard University, did something very bold. At a time when animals still were considered automatons, she set out to find what was on another creature’s mind by talking to it. She brought a one-year-old African gray parrot . . . → Read More: Minds of their Own

Witchcraft – the impossible crime

by Philip Almond

In the England of Elizabeth 1, witchcraft was a crime. And it was one with serious consequences. The penalty for bewitchment was one year imprisonment. The penalty for murder by witchcraft was death. For us it is an impossible crime. But in Elizabethan England, it was not only possible, but common. The . . . → Read More: Witchcraft – the impossible crime

Wiccans thrive in New Mexico

Wiccans, followers of a federally recognized religion that practices a form of shamanism, is alive and well in New Mexico with a nationally known seminary in Jemez Springs. And followers don’t shrink from being labeled a witch. “For me, it’s the same thing,” said Jim Blanchard, one follower of the religion. “I am a . . . → Read More: Wiccans thrive in New Mexico

Love Spells: Find, Heal, and Nurture Love

by Ileana Abrev

Valentine’s Day having just passed, love is on the minds of many. Perhaps you had someone special to share it with, perhaps you did not. Perhaps you are just starting on the path to finding your soul mate. Regardless of how you spent Valentine’s Day or even if it is simply meaningless . . . → Read More: Love Spells: Find, Heal, and Nurture Love

‘Earth worship’ on the rise among evangelical youth

by Allie Martin

Janice Crouse, a senior fellow with Concerned Women for America, says it’s disturbing that many young people in evangelical churches are experimenting with the Wiccan religion. Church leaders and Christian parents, she warns, must be ready to counter that growing interest among their youth. Crouse cites an article in Religion Journal which . . . → Read More: ‘Earth worship’ on the rise among evangelical youth