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Do Olympia residents support government intrusion?

by Rick Taylor

I ran across a Wiccan in Olympia recently. I wasn’t surprised because Olympia prides itself on being a bastion for liberal causes and lifestyles. But I might have been wrong about him, and maybe Olympia, too. We spoke briefly of his beliefs before our paths diverted. He said Wiccans prefer their . . . → Read More: Do Olympia residents support government intrusion?

Divination as Counseling

by Judy Harrow

If divination is priestly work, a form of spiritual counseling for Wiccans, then it has to be both good counseling and good Craft. Because we read in our role as priest/esses, our working assumptions should be consistent with the values of our religion. Because we read for the purpose of spiritual counseling, . . . → Read More: Divination as Counseling

Reconstructionist Paganism

by Trish Deneen

As we move forward into the technological age of the 21st century, it may seem ironic that an emerging branch of Paganism is that of the reconstructionist movement, which looks to historic polytheistic practices and mythological sources for inspiration. Turning to pre-Christian cultures for help in constructing a meaningful religion is nothing . . . → Read More: Reconstructionist Paganism

Why so many Americans are embracing witchcraft?

by David Kupelian

So there I was, listening intently to local radio talker Bob White interviewing a witch. Yes, a real witch – and a male one at that. The guest sounded New Agey and effeminate, but harmless enough, and painted a colorful picture of what modern-day witches, or “Wiccans,” believe and do. You know, . . . → Read More: Why so many Americans are embracing witchcraft?

‘Doomsday’ Seed Vault Opens in Arctic


Sub-Zero Vault Safeguards World’s Food Crops – Norway opened a frozen “doomsday” vault Tuesday deep within an Arctic mountain where millions of seeds will be stored to safeguard against wars or natural disasters wiping out food crops around the globe. Biblical references repeatedly cropped up as guests at the opening ceremony carried . . . → Read More: ‘Doomsday’ Seed Vault Opens in Arctic

The Resurgence of Paganism in Europe

by Hrafnkell I was Googling the other day (what a weird word!) and came across an article that increases in importance when taken alongside the study about America’s declining Christian population. This study relates not to the United States but to Europe and it would seem that Europe has the same “problem.” The article in . . . → Read More: The Resurgence of Paganism in Europe

Parsing the Pew Numbers

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life has released a new study of the religious landscape in America. The results, which the Pew Forum calls “unprecedentedly precise”, points towards an increasingly “post-Christian” landscape in America. That “barely” 51% figure includes both mainline and evangelical varieties of Protestants. The vast majority of . . . → Read More: Parsing the Pew Numbers

Return To Paganism

BY Mark Shea

I used to be a pagan. Not a neo-pagan with phony stilted semi-Tolkienesque speech (“Bright blessings! Merry meet!” “An it harme noone do as thou wilt”). Nor was I an adherent of some recently minted group of Gaia-worshippers playing dress-up in their Society for Creative Anachronism costumes and pretending they are living . . . → Read More: Return To Paganism

Circle Around Death

by Sue Curewitz Arthen

Death dances around us constantly. Watching the seasons change, mourning the loss of a familiar four-footed or winged friend, aching for the Maypole tree that once stood tall and green, we honor the death of all living things as part of the wheel of life. Losing a parent, love, child or . . . → Read More: Circle Around Death

The Name of the Witch

by Fritz Muntean

As our movement grows, a need for acceptance by the broader culture is causing a mantle of genteel respectability to be drawn over some of the darker and more powerful aspects of the Witch. Many in the Craft, under the otherwise laudable banner of Pagan public relations, have begun insisting that . . . → Read More: The Name of the Witch