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Wiccan Prayer Beads

by Amelia Tucker

Using a mnemonic as a way to meditate has been used in spiritualism for eons. as far as we can tell, it began with knotted strings and over time evolved into the Chinese Abacus and then into prayer or meditation beads. By no means were the Catholics the inventor of this soothing ritual. No one knows for sure when man first started using devices to help recite ritual or numbers or to remember a sequence of items,but prayer beads have a place in every Wiccan’s life.

First, let’s look at why you might use prayer beads. A string of beads is used to help you remember your place in a chant or ritual for example. You string the beads in an arrangement that corresponds to your intent. Then, as you say your prayer, chant, ritual etc., you move the beads through your fingers and they help you keep your place. They also help you meditate on a deeper level because your consciousness is able to relax and not actively work through the list of items you are reciting.

Read the original article at: Bella

Read the original article at: Bella

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