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Dream Symbols – Crashes, Wrecks and Accidents

by Aisling Ireland

Out of control vehicles are common dream symbols. Typically, these symbols represent some area of out lives that we feel is out of control. The more personal the vehicle that is crashing or out of control, the more closely related it is to our selves. For example, cars are vehicles which we drive ourselves, vehicles we can learn to operate ourselves and which we often drive solely by ourselves. Cars, therefore are great symbols for our bodies since our bodies ‘drive’ our spiritual selves around. For more information on cars and car crash dreams see this article: Dream Symbols–Cars and Crashes

When we move beyond the realm of the personal vehicle, the dreams may still represent something out of control but with an added dimension. For example, think of an airplane. Outside of carrying many more people than a car, one of the other basic differences between the two is control. Cars are vehicles over which we typically have control or at least know how to operate. Unless one has studied to be a pilot, the same is rarely true of airplanes. When we take a trip by plane, we are relying on the skill and expertise of someone else–we are completely out of control of the situation. For more information on plane crash dreams see: Plane Crash / Plane Accident Dream

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